The purpose of this site is to support and communicate with the creative sector across Buckinghamshire. 

About us:

Creative Bucks was formed in 2004 under the name of Bucks Arts Partnership, the partners being all the local authorities in the County and Arts Council South East.

Creative Bucks aims are:

  • To increase investment, employment and improve access to employment within the creative enterprise sector in Buckinghamshire
  • To support creative enterprise to work effectively across a range of economic and social agendas
  • To raise the profile of the creative sector across Buckinghamshire and nationally

Following on from a Countywide Audit of creative enterprise across the County, focusing on small to medium scale businesses Creative Bucks recognises that:

  1. Creative enterprises are vital to both Britain’s economic and cultural development – this programme is about delivering economic growth and making Buckinghamshire an interesting and enjoyable place to live, work and visit. We need to promote both the economic and wider social aspects of what creativity can produce, especially sense of place.
  2. Artistic talent and entrepreneurship are both vital to a thriving creative economy - great films, design, bands, computer games, technology, performance clubs, DJ’s, events and books have their origin in the traditional arts of drawing, storytelling & writing, dancing, acting and making music. Both creative talents and business skills need to be nurtured to create the economy and ecology we are developing.
  3. Buckinghamshire has over 1700 creative enterprises, producing a £3bn turnover and employing over 90,000 people – but the needs of the younger businesses are not being met and they are struggling to reach their potential. (Bucks Creative Industries Audit August 2007).

Contact us:

Vicky Hope-Walker
Part-time Co-ordinator