Buckinghamshire is home to three nationally important disabled and deaf based companies, Salon, Signdance Collective and Wheelpower and several smaller companies. Stoke Mandeville Stadium is the birthplace of the Paralympics.

Through our project Driving Inspiration we discovered that Bucks based creative professionals and young people with disabilities were not aware of local, regional or national disability initiatives. The purpose of this page is to help them make those connections through both the arts and sports partners we have. If you are a locally based disable artist or company and would like to be added to this page please let us know. If you are a disabled artist or arts company interested in any of our training opportunities please also contact us as we are very keen to support you.

Local Arts

  • Doorways
    The Vales dance group for young people who are able bodied, have physical or learning disabilities. For more information telephone 01296 585858 and ask to talk to the Arts Officer.
  • Friendly Bombs
  • Jigsaw
    01296 436363
    Jigsaw is an Aylesbury based disabled theatre company established in 1987. They produce shows, offer training and run workshops.
  • Bucks Sports Partnership
  • Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes 2012 Group

Local but with a National/ International profile

  • Signdance Collective
    Signdance Collective is an international disability dance theatre company based in Penn in Bucks, with disabled and deaf directors. Although they tour all over the world they are also committed to working locally through their exciting High Wyrrd event and with Creative Bucks on the Driving Inspiration project.
  • Wheelpower
    01296 395995
    Based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury WheelPower is the national charity for wheelchair sport and helps these people and many others with disabilities to achieve their sporting dreams. T


  • Dada-South
    Dada-South's vision is to achieve a society in which disabled and deaf people are valued, their creativity is nurtured and they play apart in a thriving economy.
  • Arts Council South East
    0865 300 6200
    Ask to talk to the Disability Arts Officer based in Brighton.


  • Disability Arts Online
    DAO is dedicated to work by deaf and disabled artists which reflects on disability as a social and political construct. DAO values the Social Model of Disability as a tool which has helped us, as disabled artists, to reclaim who we are.

Also see, Salon, Signdance Collective and WheelPower above.