Driving Inspiration and London 2012

Driving Inspiration is about telling the stories of the Paralympic Games and Paralympians through dance, theatre, visual arts, creative writing, music and film, and the personal journeys of the disabled artists. It is about inspiring young disabled and non-disabled people to identify and fulfil their own dreams, and to celebrate diversity.

Aims of this Toolkit

The aim of the toolkit is to provide practical resources which enable schools to deliver their own activities, projects or special events focusing on Paralympic sport, the arts and diversity. These activities can be run with or without the direct involvement of disabled artists or athletes and our downloadable project guides will explain how to do this.

Working with these resources and the Paralympic Values, schools will be able to gain access to the Get Set network and the unique opportunities enjoyed by members.

The toolkit contains;
Project Guides
Background History
Case Studies
Working with paralympians and artists

Useful Links