A choice of short films about the Paralympic Games, including some showcasing Driving Inspiration project work. 

John Harris talks about his experiences of being a paralympian

 Interview with artist Rachel Gadsden


Choreographer Mark Smith and visual artist Rachel Gadsden working together


Interview with paralympian Pauline MacDonald, wheelchair basketball 


Icarus  An animation and dance project which retells the ancient story and also illustrates the following quotation: “Fulfilling your dreams is not just about you, you need to listen to others, so you can win together.” (Jon Harris, Paralympian athlete) Made by signdance Collective, animator David Bunting and students of Buckingham Primary School.


Watch a video about the Paralympic Games. This video will inform and inspire students and is ideal to show at the beginning of a project or during an assembly. 



Hands On  An animation which celebrates the movement and energy of the Paralympic Games made by the students of Heritage House School, animator Suzanne Roquette Kennedy and musician Jack Fletcher.